24-hr TellerExpress
(509) 921-6729 or (800) 634-1297

Access all of your accounts and loans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Horizon's Teller Express makes it easy to access your accounts wherever you are, just by using your phone. Check balances, deposits or withdrawals, transfer money between accounts or make a loan payment, all with the touch of a button. Ask your Member Service Representative for a Teller Express PIN number and start using Teller Express today!

To access your accounts, press 1

Enter your member number and PIN Answer the security question asking for one of the following: the primary account holder's date of birth, the last four digits of their social security number or their
zip code. Choose from the following options:

To access your accounts, press 1

For Checking, press 1
Account balance - 1
Recent transaction history - 2
Transaction by check number - 3

For Savings, press 2

Choose savings account number
Account balances - 1
Recent history - 2
For transactions by specific amount - 3
Interest and dividends - 4

For Certificates and IRAs, press 3

Account balance - 1
Last interest and dividends - 2
Maturity date - 3
General interest and dividends - 5

For lost or stolen credit cards, press 2
To exit, press the star key (*)
To speak with a member service representative press 0
To repeat any menu while using Teller Express, press 8

For Loan Accounts, press 4

Choose your loan account
Account balance - 1
Payment information - 2
Payment history - 3
To make a loan payment - 4
Loan interest - 5
Escrow information - 6

For Credit Cards, press 5

Choose credit card account
Account balance -1
Next payment due date and amount - 2
Transaction history - 3
To make a credit card payment - 4

To transfer funds, press 2

Follow prompts to select the accounts you wish to use in the transfer
To transfer funds, press 1
To make a loan payment, press 2
To make a credit card payment, press 3

To change your Personal Identification Number (PIN), press 3
To withdraw funds with a check, press 4
To log in as another member, press 7
To return to the previous menu, press 9