You work hard for your money; make your money work hard for you. A Montana First Money Market or Share Certificate is an ideal way to earn a higher return on your money. View your options below.

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Share Certificates

Minimum Opening Balance $5.00 $25,000.00  Varies - Please see the rates  page for current options and details.
Minimum Balance Required to Earn Dividends $2500.00 $25,000.00  Varies - Please see the rates  page for current options and details.
Fees None $15 if balance falls below $25,000.00 Early withdrawal penalty
Age Requirements None None None*
Bonus Rate Offered No No  No
Transaction Limitations $100 or more per transaction None  No deposits allowed once CD is opened*



*Montana First's Student Certificate-Designed for members 25 years of age or younger, the Student Certificate lasts for 12 months and has a $250 minimum balance opening requirement. Monthly deposits of $50 or more can be made throughout the one year term. However, once the certificate is open, no withdrawals from the principal balance may be made during the one year term without penalty, unless there is a qualifying reason. Please see the rates page for more details on dividends.

Share Certificate Rates (Last Modified: Feb 19, 2015)

TermRate TiersDividend RateAPY
90 Day CertificateMin. $2,500.000.10%0.10%
6 Month CertificateMin. $2,500.000.15%0.15%
12 Month CertificateMin. $1,000.000.35%0.35%
24 Month CertificateMin. $1,000.000.60%0.60%
36 Month CertificateMin. $1,000.000.70%0.70%
48 Month CertificateMin. $1,000.001.00%1.00%
60 Month CertificateMin. $1,000.002.00%2.02%
12 Month Student CertificateMin $250.000.85%0.85%
18 Month Special CertificateMin $1,000.001.50%**1.51%**
35 Month Special CertificateMin $5,000.001.50%***1.51%***

APY= Annual Percentage Yield.
Early withdrawals are subject to penalty and may affect earnings on Share Certificates.
Rates subject to change
**Rate shown with a 0.20% bump when with a checking account and direct deposit.
***Rate shown with a 0.25% bump when with a checking account and direct deposit.

Money Market Rates (Last Modified: Aug 08, 2013)

TypeMin. Opening BalanceMin. Daily BalanceTiered RateDividend RateAPY*
Montana First Focus$100.00$2,500.00$2,500.00-$9,999.990.05%0.05%
$25,000.00 and up0.15%0.15%
Montana First Vision²$25,000.00²$25,000.00²$25,000.00 - $49,999.990.15%0.15%
$50,000.00 - $99,999.990.15%0.15%
$100,000.00 and up0.30%0.30%

APY= Annual Percentage Yield. Fees may reduce earnings on account.
* to earn dividends